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10 VA Questions of Client During Interview That You Should Know

12 Jul


I had been a virtual assistant or VA for more than a year now. Although it was just lately that I decided to fully embraced this career and become a fulltime VA. I really dreamed of being an Online Marketing expert and just like any goals there is such thing as a journey to success. At present, I am on my way on becoming an online marketer by going through the process of learning the basic of marketing and doing some VA work to get the hang of it.

Needless to say, as a virtual assistant I need to find client to test my skills and ability to deliver quality outputs. I cannot tell you how many clients have I applied. But they say part of success is failing forward and if you have dreams you never give up easily. Here are some of the questions clients ask during the interview to a virtual assistant job.

10 VA Questions of Client During Interview That You Should Know

  1. Talk about your experience in your past job.
  2. What makes you decide to look for another virtual assistant job?
  3. As a Virtual Assistant what are your top 5 skills?
  4. What software’s or online tools are you able to use?
  5. Can you elaborate what skills have you learned in you past job?
  6. What is your expected salary?
  7. What are the dilemmas that you encounter as a Virtual Assistant?
  8. How where you able to solve your Virtual Assistant problems?
  9. Do you have sample of your past work?
  10. Do you have some inquiries regarding the company or job?

These are just some of the question you will encounter during the interview. Of course it would be better if before the interview you research all about the information you can learn about your Client. Do not forget to dress appropriately even during the online interview because that will give you confidence as well. Remember to take a deep breath and be honest with all your answers. The Client will surely check you out online and whatever you hide or lie about will eventually be brought out into the open soon.

Have you experience already being interviewed as a virtual assistant? What can you say about this topic? Where you nervous as well? How did the interview go? Have you accepted for the virtual assistant job? Let us talk, say something below.